Digitizing Again

I’ve just digitized my 73 hour-long mini DV tapes from 1998… again. It’s footage for a documentary about English change ringing, shot on a Sony VX-1000 camera.

I had access to a Media-100 system for a few months when I returned to the States, beginning this project’s post production odyssey.


That editing system had a massive 12-gigabyte hard drive array (one hour of DV footage is just over 13 gigs), so the initial round of digitizing was selective and very low resolution.

It was years before a personal editing system was affordable. Since then, I’ve made rough cuts of scenes in Final Cut Pro and Avid.

Now, a 2 TB drive is fairly cheap, so I just imported it all at DV resolution with Adobe Premiere. I’m not working with the footage just yet, but now I can backup multiple copies of the raw. Always a good thing.