Kentile Floors Sign Illuminated

I’m working with George Del Barrio at The Vanderbilt Republic and Karl Mehrer at K2imaging to bring the long-dormant Kentile Floors sign in Brooklyn back to life on the night of Saturday, May 3.

The giant rooftop sign is visible to passengers of the F & G trains as they pass over the Gowanus Canal between Carroll Gardens and Park Slope, and has been dark at least since 1992, when Kentile Floors went out of business.

We did a test with one of Karl’s 20K projectors last night, and it looked amazing. I created a head-on vector mask of the sign’s letters, and mapped masked video onto the sign with VDMX and MadMapper. I’ll use that information to create the geometric distortion on the final composition, so everything will be rendered out before playback on the night. Also, Karl may add a second projector.

The picture at the top of this post is a projection illuminating the neon tubes in their current condition. Based on that, we’ll restore the sign to what it looked like with full neon, and then go from there.



This projection is the latest Photographic Monument from George and Karl, titled τέλειο σύμπαντος (“Perfect Universe”).

Come to the Smith-9th G/F subway stop in Brooklyn for a great view of the sign, after dark on May 3. The Gowanus Loft is at 61 9th Street.

Here are a few video clips from test night.

For another massive video projection in the same area, check out my post on the Photographic Monument at last year’s Art From The Heart.

[UPDATE] — This project in the news:

New York Daily News
Brooklyn Magazine
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READ HERE for photos, video, and a post-event recap.

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