New Yorker Sidewalk Projection

Andrew Baker and I created the visuals for the poetry segment of The New Yorker Presents pilot, by projecting archival video onto a sidewalk, stoop, and fence.


The segment is an excerpt from Matthew Dickman’s poem “King”, which begins:

… So I put on my black-white
checkered Vans, the exact pair of shoes
my older brother wore when he was still a citizen in the world,
and I go out, I go out into the street
with my map of the dead and look for him…

The poem is recited by Andrew Garfield in a studio setting, intercut with home movie footage of a different young man and older brother who had passed away. Director Dave Snyder wanted to give the video a stylized treatment, so I suggested going out into the street, literally, as described in the text.

Here’s my projector rig booting up on the sidewalk:

And here’s a quick clip of the final product from the show’s trailer:

We shot the video with a 5DMkIII on a slider, with Zeiss and Canon lenses.

I also edited the final segment. The entire episode is streaming in the 2015 batch of Amazon Original Series pilots, which you can watch here. Watch the entire trailer and read more about The New Yorker Presents on the Jigsaw Productions website.