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Here are a few anaglyphic 3D photos from the Erie Canal, Joshua Tree National Park, and the woods in Connecticut — so break out your red and cyan glasses.

I took them with a normal single-lens camera, which is surprisingly simple with stationary subjects. To do it:

1 – Take the left frame, then lean right about 2-3 inches and take the right frame. This works for something that’s at least 6 feet away — if closer, make the distance between the frames smaller.
2 – In photo editing software, desaturate both images (keeping them in RGB mode), then copy the first (left) image and paste it into the red channel of the second (right) frame. Sometimes it works to keep the images in color, especially if there are mostly greens and yellows, but classic black-and-white gives better results.
3 – Turn on visibility for all channels, but keeping only the red channel selected, move it to align the section of both images that you want to appear at screen-distance.
4 – Crop the edge where there’s no overlap, and selecting all channels, adjust the brightness-contrast / levels / curves so it looks good while wearing dark 3D glasses.

Viola — 3D! There’s also a free program called “Stereo Photo Maker” that DIY Stereoscopic Makers swear by, although I’ve never used it: Requires Windows.

For more do-it-yourself 3D, check out Eric Kurland’s site.