World of Jenks season 2

Season two of World of Jenks was just given an official air date on MTV — March 2, 2013, at 11:00 pm. Here’s the trailer:

World of Jenks¬†was a rewarding show to work on because all of the young people we followed are really out there, doing their thing. They didn’t show up to reality TV casting: the Jenks production team tracked them down. And everyone creating the show was on the same page, wanting to make good, inspiring, honest, and entertaining material.

In season one, each post-production producer / editor team was responsible for assembling a few full episodes, each standing alone as a mini documentary following a different person. The mandate from the network was just to make it as awesome as possible, so we never had to force any of the stories into a mold.

In season two the format changes. Instead of 10 unique half-hour episodes, it’s been expanded to an hour, and we follow three people throughout the entire season. In a way, it was almost more like cutting a season one show than season one, since we had the season-long story arcs to consider, on top of the individual episodes and acts. We also had to figure out how three different people’s stories would intercut, with Andrew Jenks as the common thread. As a result, we get much more in-depth with everyone. It turned out well.

This time, each producer/editor team was responsible for one of the people we followed throughout the season, and a fourth editor assembled these pieces into full episodes. I edited Kaylin. She’s amazing.

Here’s the Kaylin trailer for the show (the audio is messed up on the first voice-over, but stick with it).

Kaylin’s a 27-year-old fashion designer, who moved from San Francisco to New York City during the year when the show filmed. Her plans to pursue her career earlier was stopped by the diagnosis and treatment of not one, but two cancers. She’s fearless in sharing her story and cutting through bullshit, and I can’t wait for this to air.

Unfortunately, since the show wrapped, Kaylin’s initial cancer returned. She’s now in treatment at Sloan Kettering in New York, receiving the best care possible. World of Jenks has set up a Kaylin website, which includes a link to the blog she’s been keeping since day one: Cancer is Not Funny: Cancer is Hilarious.